Bah ... moved on.


jake gumbleton said...

Hi mate, how the devil are you?
I must say she is a busty young thing! This one looks like it is coming along really well Tony.
I would say watch the volumes in the neck. The left (our left) side of it feels a bit bulbous.
We should try and meet up soon, its been so long. I have heard whisperings of you playing with film stuff? I would be very interested in playing later on once my schedule is a bit less full!

Tony Jackson said...

Hey Jake ... yeah, she is well proportioned. Although it was never the in the original plan!
I've struggled no end with the anatomy, as is usual, but I'm slowly chipping away at it.

Drinks are no doubt in order and we can have a good catch up.

Thanks for dropping by, I get so few visitors, must be my odour. :)