Slimy shiny skin

Just got me an app so I can blog on the move! Not that I am currently moving. Actually I'm sat in front of my PC waiting to see if this works.

Check out my on the move, go any where drawing technology!

Posted from my phone. I'm mobile baby!

Bah ... Grotesque

Small changes, but I think it brings the colour out in her eyes ...


More paint ...


I seem to get more feedback on stuff like this than when I try to do grown up stuff. Makes me sad.
Anyhoo ... this is just a photo taken on my phone. When I've finished the drawing I will scan it in.

Girl Hides: Part 2

Girl Hides: Part 1

Lunch Time Speedy

From photo reference, thirty minute speed paint. Also have recorded it succesfully and as soon as I can I will post it.

Reference images

I've started a collection of reference images, interesting stills taken from various movies. I'm not entirely sure how legal this is so at some point they might vanish


I Hope to be adding to it and watching it grow. If it does stay I might try and organise it a bit better in the future

Lunch time painting

I started this at lunch, spent 30 mins doing it.
I thought I was recording it but it would seem I had it set to only record audio. No one wants to hear me singing ... I'll start over tomorrow.

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 3

his is the last part of this paint. Although I think I've moved on from here, and improved a little, I still like to remind myself of how things were, and reflect on where things are. Oh yeah.

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 2

Hot on the heels of the previous post...

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 1

Hey boy and possibly girl, yes I'm talking to you two ... whoever you are.

I actually did this painting ages ago ... but the blog is new and in need of stuff .. 
So ... 

Sketch Theatre

I entered this sketch into the monthly sketch theatre competition
It's a great site, well worth a look.