Polish passes

Started the polish passes. This video shows 3 polish passes, the last being the most recent.

Hip replacement

Animation test

Just a quick animation test to see where the legs fail, before I commit to modelling it.
Quickly rigged before I started work, then animated during my lunch-break. I know it's not a great animation, but it serves a purpose.

Canopy update

Change the canopy to be more in-line with my original vision. Oh laa-dee-daa
Mech Concept from Tony Jackson on Vimeo.

The Mech is dead ... long live the ...

I grew tired of my previous Mech design, and was inspired by the suit helmet in Prometheous to create this one. Consider it Mark II Urban Pacification Vehicle. I'm still working up the concept in Maya, and I will be re-working the canopy as I think it's lost it's way from where I wanted it to be.

Concepting a Mech from Tony Jackson on Vimeo.