Man down!

Ok ... started a new drawing today. Going to concentrate on getting the pose right as I spent too much time adjusting the pose on the previous post and having to re-paint. 

Update: Defined the pose a little and started to think about the lighting


I could go on trying to get this "perfect" but I think I've done all I want to do with it now.

The adventure continues ...

 has been troubling me all day. Tried many poses ... I think I'm happy with this one.

Taking a break ...

Update: Seeing it in the cold light of today I see lots of issues.
Quick change to posture, proportions and light on jacket. Think this is better.
Will carry on with it later.

Having a break from the studying ... Hitman sketch ...

Frazetta study

Recently Frank Frazetta passed away at the age of 82. He left us with a great body of amazing work. Some of which can be seen here. I thought I'd have a go at study of his work. Mine below, and the original is here. I hope to do more on this piece.
Update: Refined the image a little more. The previous version can be found here.


So ... first up is... the last little bit I did to the previous post. I was happy with the way this was going at first. But reflection I became unhappy about the posing ... so I decided to work on it a little.
I Worked on a different pose for the impact

Until I finalised on this composition. I'm a lot happier with this, although I need to add more gore. Big thanks to Jon Mccoy for his advice and guidance. 

And I have a few scribble pages.