Lost interest

I've lost interest in the painting in the previous post, at least for now ... busy with other stuff.

Man down!

Ok ... started a new drawing today. Going to concentrate on getting the pose right as I spent too much time adjusting the pose on the previous post and having to re-paint. 

Update: Defined the pose a little and started to think about the lighting


I could go on trying to get this "perfect" but I think I've done all I want to do with it now.

The adventure continues ...

 has been troubling me all day. Tried many poses ... I think I'm happy with this one.

Taking a break ...

Update: Seeing it in the cold light of today I see lots of issues.
Quick change to posture, proportions and light on jacket. Think this is better.
Will carry on with it later.

Having a break from the studying ... Hitman sketch ...

Frazetta study

Recently Frank Frazetta passed away at the age of 82. He left us with a great body of amazing work. Some of which can be seen here. I thought I'd have a go at study of his work. Mine below, and the original is here. I hope to do more on this piece.
Update: Refined the image a little more. The previous version can be found here.


So ... first up is... the last little bit I did to the previous post. I was happy with the way this was going at first. But reflection I became unhappy about the posing ... so I decided to work on it a little.
I Worked on a different pose for the impact

Until I finalised on this composition. I'm a lot happier with this, although I need to add more gore. Big thanks to Jon Mccoy for his advice and guidance. 

And I have a few scribble pages.

Inspired by ...

It's a fine line .... I've recently been drooling over the artwork of a chap called Ryan Ottley, his work is outstanding.
As a kid I always wanted to be a comic artist, the dreams of children ...

Nearly forgot ...

This is as far as I'm going with this one ... just got bored with it. Don't really like it much either :)

More thumbs

Sketch Theatre

Sketch Theatre run a monthly drawing competition, it's open to all abilities (thankfully).
This months subject is "Alien Salesman".
These are my initial thumbnail ideas.