Girl Hides: Part 2

Girl Hides: Part 1

Lunch Time Speedy

From photo reference, thirty minute speed paint. Also have recorded it succesfully and as soon as I can I will post it.

Reference images

I've started a collection of reference images, interesting stills taken from various movies. I'm not entirely sure how legal this is so at some point they might vanish


I Hope to be adding to it and watching it grow. If it does stay I might try and organise it a bit better in the future

Lunch time painting

I started this at lunch, spent 30 mins doing it.
I thought I was recording it but it would seem I had it set to only record audio. No one wants to hear me singing ... I'll start over tomorrow.

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 3

his is the last part of this paint. Although I think I've moved on from here, and improved a little, I still like to remind myself of how things were, and reflect on where things are. Oh yeah.

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 2

Hot on the heels of the previous post...

Digital Painting: Gun Girl: Part 1

Hey boy and possibly girl, yes I'm talking to you two ... whoever you are.

I actually did this painting ages ago ... but the blog is new and in need of stuff .. 
So ... 

Sketch Theatre

I entered this sketch into the monthly sketch theatre competition
It's a great site, well worth a look.