FINISHED! ... for now

I think I'm done here.


Unknown said...

Wow, thi artwork it's very gore! I love it! Cool!

Phil Lukasz said...

Awesome... mate i didn't know you could do this type of work, i hope they know what they got there!!! This doesn't have summit to do with the new proj you've started up there does it? Because with the two kiddies I just can't see how you have time :)

Phil Lukasz said...

And the bloke in the chair is great too. Did you build him ya self, or is he something you found on the net, as i've found a whole bunch, never seen him before?

Tony Jackson said...

Claudio, cheers.

Phil, thanks mate, done in my spare time, lunch breaks, and early hours of the morning. Nothing to do with any projects we're doing.

The rig is a community built one done on the 11 second club, it's not bad, but it's still in development.
Thanks for dropping by! :)